Round : Round Maintenance
Game Time: Jul 12, 7:47 pm
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Rise of Clans is in Reset/Maintenance Mode!
The last round has been completed and the game is being reset for the next round.
During this period you will not be able to access many game functions including registration.
Forums and Messaging will be available during downtime.

We will email you when the round starts so be sure you've added us to your safe sender list.

Welcome to Rise of Clans!

Rise of Clans is a browser-based game of strategy, guile, and determination. As a newcomer to the game, to call your forces an army is a great injustice. You have no soldiers, few resources, and no authority in the universe of Rise of Clans. Your mission is to forge a reputation as a powerful figure in the game by amounting soldiers, collecting resources, and conquering all those who oppose you. Begin your quest be to become the most powerful figure in
Rise of Clans.



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